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Love You Fest 2021

A phenomenal weekend of health, beauty and wellness.

Love You Fest 2021 is the event for people who want to thrive and enjoy life abundantly. We understand that life is a balancing act and a little self-care goes a long way, so we created a unique two-day expo that brings together hand-picked experts specialising in wellness, health and beauty. It’s your one-stop-shop of health and happiness.

Pop-up Boutiques
Inspiring Speakers
Workshops and Wellness Classes
What We Offer

Enjoy inspiring talks and take part in expert-led workshops. Pamper yourself with spa and beauty treatments, and discover new and exciting trends.

Talks & Workshops
Enjoy thought-provoking talks, panel discussions and workshops that will leave you inspired, motivated and informed.
Wellness Cube
The Wellness Space has all of your health, fitness and beauty needs covered. Enjoy luxury spa and beauty treatments, and take part in a variety of fitness classes throughout the weekend.
Pop-up shops & specialist vendors
Enjoy access to an amazing array of wellness and lifestyle brands and businesses all weekend.